Climate Controlled Trucking

Airryde Freight Services operates an air-ride climate controlled art exhibition truck throughout New Zealand to meet the needs of International and local Institutions.

Based in Auckland, Airryde Freight Services offers this service to all galleries and museums across New Zealand for the transportation of touring exhibitions, loans and acquisitions.

This is the first truck of its kind to service the New Zealand art market and all its features including maintaining a climate of 21 degrees and 50% relative humidity,fully comply with stringent international standards regarding the handling and transportation of fine art and exhibitions.

The dimensions of the air-ride climate controlled vehicle are:

Overall dimensions (metres)                                  Internal dimensions (metres)

Height:                 4.20 metres                             Height:         2.70 metres

Length:               11.10 metres                             Length:         7.92 metres

Width:                  2.50 metres                             Width:          2.29 metres

Cubic Capacity :    48.960 m3

If you have any queries or require an estimate reagarding the use of  this service or our contracted Courier or Bulk carrier services please contact us.


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