Crating & Packaging

Specialised Manufactured Crating designed with the safety of the object and ease of handling as a priority. Staff are trained in all facets of specialist crating and transportation advice. Our crates are ISPN15 Regulation approved. This means a priority clearance is given to our packaging in most  international  countries and can save you up to a week in time in receiving your goods.

A full range of custom designed transit crates and travelling exhibition crates exist

  • Soft packed two dimensional crates for two dimensional works of art including bubble wrap and corrugated plastic core flute sheeting.
  • One-way foam-lined shipping crates.
  •  Museum standard crates used by Galleries and astute collectors worldwide.
  • Soft packing services custom made from slat crates for large three dimensional sculptures

If you have any queries regarding our crating service or require an estimate please contact us.



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