Airryde Freight Services is a specialist Events & Exhibition Freight Forwarder able to specifically transport important and valuable National & International artworks between Northern & Southern hemisphere galleries - artworks that help define New Zealand's heritage such as;
  • Hotere's and MaCahon's
  • Museum pieces & private collections
  • Sentimental pieces as were the case with Aunt Maud's tapestry that's worth $10
  • Queens paintings valued at 100 million pounds for an individual piece

Airryde's packing service ensures that your items are prepared for transit to and from Exhibitions and Events in the most appropriate way.  Our customers enjoy a higher degree of insurance cover for our quality assured service and because our crates are ISPN15 regulation approved means priority clearance is given to our packaging in most International countries - saving you up to a week in time in receiving your goods.

If you have any queries or require an estimate regarding the use of this service please contact us.

1] Movement of cargo by sea or air to best meet your service and pricing needs
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